Screen abbreviations, what do they mean

Abbreviation Type Meaning
ACT xx Activity Activity is xx% of the goal (in steps)
SLP xx Sleep Sleep is xx% of the goal (in hours
CHR SPL Chrono Chrono Split
CHR LAP Chrono Chrono Lap
CNT DWN Chrono Count Down
CNT UP Chrono Count Up
TMZ 2  Time Second Time Zone
WKT Activity Workout
WLK Activity Walk
RUN Activity Run
NOR Activity Nordic Walk
TRD MIL Activity Treadmill
CAL Notification Phone Call
EML Notification Email
SMS Notification SMS
FBK Notification Facebook
TWT Notification Twitter
WHA Notification Whatsapp
ITM Notification Instagram
MSG Notification Messenger
PCB Notification Picaboo
XIN Notification Xin
UBR Notification Uber
VIB Notification Viber
LKN Notification LinkedIn
SPO Notification Spotify
PIN Notification Pinterest
KAK Notification KakaoTalk
GML Notification Gmail


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