The App, what is it and how do I download it

The widely used, patented MMT sensor-fusion engine inside your smartwatch tracks activity, sleep patterns and sensors depending on the watch model that you do have. Daily activity (steps, calories, and distance), sleep and sensor information is presented accurately in real- time on its AMOLED touch screen.

Simple and easy-to-understand, graphics highlight how much you have moved and slept during the day, week, or month. Goals and dynamic coaching help encourage a better self-awareness and understanding, which in turn fosters well-being. You can as well visualize the history of high-tech sensors.

To sync data, your smartwatch connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Launch the Alpina App and press the smartwatch’s crown button to connect. Your data will sync with the App once it has connected.

Your data syncs automatically when the App is open and your smartwatch has established a Bluetooth connection with your phone or tablet. Once the sync is complete, you can immediately review your progress in the App.

To pair your watch with your phone and start enjoying your watch’s connected features, please download the Alpina App.


Important Notice / Android Users
Please note that when first using the App on Android, location services need to be activated at all times and enabled within the App to ensure compatibility with your watch.

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