We launched our initiative on the 3rd of May and it’s going strong – thanks to you and our community of Alpinists!

We launched our initiative on the 3rd of May and it’s going strong – thanks to you and our community of Alpinists! In the first 48 hours people from around the world placed over 350 orders. To date over CHF 10,000 is already pledged to the charity Wings for Life Foundation. Help us make it more!

To answer some of the questions we’ve received we’d like to share the following important information with you:

WHEN is this special initiative live?

NOW… until June 2nd, 2020. Then, that’s it folks! The AlpinerX Alive will only be sold at its retail price and no donations to charity from the sales can be made.


We have three tiers of discounts, with a limited number of watches available in each category. When we have exhausted one level we move on to the next.

Super Early Bird Clients: A whacking great discount of – 50% off the retail price!!!

Early Bird Clients: A hefty discount of – 40% off the retail price!!

Special Clients: A generous discount of -30% off the retail price!

We will manufacture all watches ordered, no matter what level of funding we reach – our Crowdfunding initiative is destined at increasing our charitable donation to Wings for Life Foundation – and pleasing our family of Alpinists.

WHICH AlpinerX Alive Watches are available at the discount?

ALL of them! Fiberglass cases, Stainless Steel cases and, importantly, special DUO PACKS. All the watches, including the Duo Packs, can be tailored to your specifications on our configurator.


Yes, effectively two watches for the price of one – depending on your configurations! You can order two watches with the same casing or mix and match one with the other – say a Stainless-Steel casing for work and a Fiberglass casing for play (or vice-versa if you wish!).

DELIVERY details:

All watches with Fiberglass cases will be delivered as of August 2020 and all watches with Stainless Steel cases will be delivered as of September 2020. They will be securely shipped to your specified address by courier.

How can I pay now?

You can pay on our site using your credit card or via PayPal – whichever suits you best. You will be charged upon check-out to guarantee the application of your special discount.


Yes – helping the Wings for Life Foundation is the reason why we started this Crowdfunding initiative. For every watch you buy, at no matter which level of discount, Euro 25 will be donated to the charity to help them try to find a cure for spinal injuries.

If you have additional questions on the functionalities of the watch, please consult the FAQ section of our website. You can submit any other questions you may have on the comments or “contact us” section of our portal and we will be delighted to answer them individually.

Offer excluding United States, Canada, Japan, Ireland and United Kingdom.