Here’s a quick synopsis of the most compelling reasons we can think of for you to order an AlpinerX Alive today:

  • It’s a beautiful watch! And, if you take advantage of our early bird offer and customise your own online using our configurator, unique. It will be hand assembled at our manufacture to suit your personal preferences then shipped directly to you when ready.
  • The only Swiss made smartwatch available, it has the hallmark, look and cachet of a traditional Swiss watch but contains state-of-the-art smart technology.
  • With its variety of health monitoring capacities, it is an important step towards helping you reach the peak of health and monitor your daily lifestyle. If this isn’t important for you then think of the ones who love you – it’s important to them!
  • The accompanying easy to navigate app not only analyses your information but can give you practical information, instruction and motivate you to reach your own personal summit.
  • Information on your progress is stored in a secure Swiss cloud – enabling you to track the evolution (or regression!) of your fitness over time.
  • In addition, your heart rate is measured with best-in-class Philips Technology.
  • Wearing the watch during sport means you can put your smartphone in a safe and sound place – no more fear of dropping it during your activities and, while your phone is safe, your watch will still let you know about missed calls, messages and emails. Of course, only if you want it to!
  • The battery of the AlpinerX Alive lasts up to seven days* – considerably longer than most other smartwatches on the market.

*Battery life may vary upon your usage of the watch (GPS, heart rate measurements, notifications etc.).

  • If you buy an AlpinerX Alive, Euro 25 of your money will be given to the charity Wings for Life and all of it will go directly to research to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.
  • You, personally, now have a phenomenal offer: configure your watch and order it before April 30th and get 50% off the launch price!

Offer excluding United States, Canada, Japan, Ireland and United Kingdom.