12. Improve Your Daily Life!

Owning an AlpinerX Alive will positively impact your daily life in more ways than you can imagine! Importantly, with it you can always oversee your health and well-being. Heart and sleep monitoring functions and analysis can considerably help you to flag potential health problems in advance. Hoping that you are, and intend to stay, in good health – they will probably serve you best in motivating you to reach your summit. Every day or over time! The watch screen and app are super easy to navigate and not only show you recorded data but will give you personalised advice. 

As a watch that will give you phone and email alerts, as well as a wealth of other information such as the weather, you will no longer have the nagging worry of dropping  your smartphone at the gym or on a run – anywhere for that matter. You can zip it snuggly in a pocket or backpack and all the information you need will be instantly displayed on your wrist. Just feel alive and live the moment – stop worrying about distracting details!

By pre-ordering and configuring your watch online you will be wearing an original Swiss timepiece – as elegant and yet as smart as they come. A watch to suit all occasions and reflect the person you are. A traditional looking accessory with advanced technology. If you haven’t already designed your watch on our configurator then do so now and unlock the 50% discount, we are offering you until April 30th!

Offer excluding United States, Canada, Japan, Ireland and United Kingdom.